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Jacqui & Larry Hayes

Tappen, BC   V0E 2X2


We have had Airedale Terriers for  47 years...since 1968.  We started with having Airedales as pets, and eventually started showing and breeding.


Unfortunately we have no puppies at this time.

Our next planned litter will be ready to go Jan./Feb. 2017.



The Airedale originated in the Aire Valley.  The Airedale was produced from various terriers being crossed with the Otterhound.  The Otterhound gave the Airedale it's size and bone.  Working terriers, such as the Old English Black and Tan, and the Irish Terrier, contributed to the expression and the rich tan colour of the Airedale. 

The Airedale is the undisputed King of Terriers.  Being bred primarily as a hunter, the Airedale has also been used in police work, and as dispatch bearer during the war.

The Airedale makes a wonderful show dog and being a dog with a kind and friendly nature it makes a wonderful companion and family dog.